Project Overview

Many causes are responsible for the global lack of inclusion of people with disabilities: inadequate legislation, policies, and strategies; the lack of service provision; negative attitudes and discrimination; the lack of accessibility; inadequate funding; and many others. Considering this world wide challenges SELI project is designed to answer particular needs in regions and countries based on current conditions of unemployment, homelessness, street children, low education level of the disabled population, migrants, etc.


Scientific and Technological Challenge

Discovering the needs and requirements of emerging pedagogies, methods and technologies (such as blockchain, global sharing pedagogy, e-inclusion, e-accessibility, digital storytelling, flipped learning, and educational games), through workshops, and focus group sessions with stakeholders, target groups, on the educational side (schools, social centres, and HEIs), the technology side (ICT experts), and on the business side (entrepreneurs, companies, and SMEs).


The Target Groups of this Project

Educators (higher education teachers, pre-service teachers, trainers in the social service sectors), and entrepreneurs and innovators in both the public and private sectors.

The End Beneficiaries of the Results of this Project

Students, young people, the unemployed, the disabled, the elderly, migrants, and people living in remote areas in Europe and the LAC.

In addressing the lack of accessibility to education, inclusion practices and ICT technologies, the project will foster knowledge transfer and adapt pedagogical, scientific, and technical solutions for the specific problems of each country represented in the consortium.

The competitive advantage and novelty of the project will be in the quality of knowledge transferred, the development of new technology and pedagogy, the sustainability of its actions, the cooperativeness of the stakeholders, and the generally inclusive approach.

The collaborative approach means that the project addresses the wide scope of actors involved in the issue of improved education, inclusion, and accessibility through ICT.