Smart Ecosystem for Learning and Inclusion

Welcome to the SELI Project!


The concept of the project approaches the topic of digital exclusion and the inaccessibility of education for disadvantaged groups as forming a set of challenges that offer the potential for improving the digital competences of teachers in the LAC and EU regions, and can lead to the extensive participation of citizens who have relatively poor access to innovative technologies involved in education, training and inclusion through ICT. Project activities are related to fostering more efficient ICT solutions for better education and inclusion.

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Areas of Focus and Objectives

The three areas of focus are: new pedagogy and methods, new learning environments, and digital training of educators including higher education teachers, pre-service teachers, and trainers in the social service sectors. The objective is to improve learning results, address the competence needs of educators, renew instruction by conducting learning analytics, and encourage lifelong learning for the benefits of disadvantaged groups in society.

Expected Impact of the Project

Education and Transfer of Knowledge to Educators

The project will transfer knowledge to educators. At least 50 educators from each participating country will be trained in the new learning system and they will in turn teach at least 100 disadvantaged students in their respective countries.

Technical and Innovative Solution for the 21st Century Teacher and Student

The main advantage of the SELI project is the creation of an OA platform based on innovative technologies and pedagogies, available within a multicultural and multilingual environment.

Business Solution with Global Openness

Because the materials developed in the project will be available in the open access mode, they will also be used by representatives of the business sector. These might be businesses that offer training activities for teachers, or commercial institutions providing training for the digitally excluded.

Our Consortium Partners

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